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Reasons Why You Should Obtain Eyelash Extensions

Written by Intercosmetics Monday, May 19, 2014

A lot of women do not consider getting eyelash extensions because they think that getting it can take away their natural beauty or, they feel that it looks unnatural. With the development in technology these days, a lot of eyelash extensions can be placed one by one and weigh much lesser compared to the traditional extensions. In addition, you can trim them according to your specifications in order to have a more natural look. Here are the three reasons why you should not be ashamed on getting eyelash extensions.

Improves Natural Beauty

All of us know that the first thing that men will look at women is their eyes. Eyelash extensions emphasize your eyes and generate a difference between the brightness of the eyes and the darkness of the eyelashes. In addition, you can ask a specialist to trim down the eyelash extensions according to your needs and wants. It is not necessary that you dole out on the sticks of the eyelashes anymore since you can just obtain individual extensions. Before, fake eyelashes can easily be noticed because they look so big making them stand out, but these new individual...

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Improving Your Well-Being with Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Written by Intercosmetics Saturday, May 10, 2014

 You will notice that the hot stone massage therapist will position the flat, even and heated stones on certain body points. The heat coming from these stones infiltrates deep down the tissues and muscles and eliminates negative energy and reinstates the natural alignment of mind, body, and soul.

Description of the stones

The volcanic basalt stones are warmed to a temperature of fifty degrees Celsius or one hundred twenty to one hundred thirty degrees Fahrenheit in water. These heated stones are not rough and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And in order to prevent bacterial contamination, the stones are kept disinfected and sanitized.

Basalt stones are abundant with iron and have the ability to take in and preserve heat that helps in relieving tension and stress in the muscles as well as improve blood circulation.

Where are the heated stones positioned?

At first, the therapist will ask you to hold and feel the warmness of the stones before placing them to your body to ensure that they are not too warm. The center points aimed by the hot...

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Waxing Hair Removal – Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Intercosmetics Tuesday, April 22, 2014

 Out of the many methods used, one of the most well-known and widely used is waxing hair removal because of the fact that it is:

·         Economical

·         Convenient (can be performed at home)

·         Lasts for a couple of weeks in months in most cases


Below, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding hair waxing:


How is waxing hair removal performed?

First, the wax must be distributed all over the skin with hair evenly and thinly. Obtain a cloth strip and place it on the skin. Gently press the cloth strip, then rip it off with a rapid movement removing the wax together with the skin hair as well as dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth.


What is the difference between a hot wax and a cold wax?

The hot wax melts slightly above body temperature, thus, it can easily be spread thinly on the skin. As the wax starts to...

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Holiday Hours

Written by Intercosmetics Friday, December 6, 2013

beauty suppliers mississauga, ottawa, waterloo holiday hours

beauty supplies mississauga, ottawa, waterloo holiday hours

Season’s Greetings from Intercosmetics!


Thank you for your support this past year and we wish you Happy Holidays as well as great success in the New Year ahead.

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Introducing Bold Lashes Semi Permanent Lash Extension Certification

Written by Intercosmetics Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Bold Lashes Lash Extensions Supplies
Semi Permanent Lash Extensions

Intercosmetics is thrilled to announce we now distribute Bold Lashes Semi Permanent Eye Lash Extension System. As a company we strive to offer you the best products along with great service. We know what you need to run a successful eyelash extension business as well as how to train new professionals in this exciting market. We researched for a premium lash extension system and found Bold Lashes to be one of the best products and most innovative on the market.

We also offer a Certification Training Course for Semi Permanent Single Lash...

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