Intercosmetics Training Media


Please find our latest training resources here. Click on the files below to download: 


Spring-Summer 2019 Makeup Tutorial 

"Les Nudes" Makeup Tutorial 

Lip Focus 4 Looks Makeup Tutorial

Corrective Makeup Tutorial

Evening Look Makeup Tutorial

Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Dark Skin Tones Makeup Tutorial

Fall-Winter 2018 Collection Makeup Tutorial

Spring-Summer 2018 Collection Makeup Tutorial

Fall-Winter 2017 Collection Makeup Tutorial


Diego Dalla Palma Training Presentation Slides:



Skin Code 


Diego Dalla Palma Facial Treatment Videos:

SKINCODE Manual Treatment



HYDRATING Treatment 

LIFTING Treatment 

CLEANSING Treatment 

SUBLIME Treatment 

SOOTHING Treatment 

THE MAN Treatment 

YOUTH VENOM Treatment 


ICON TIME Treatment 


Diego Dalla Palma & RVB SKINLAB Social Media Images:


5-in-1 Microdermabrasion Training Video:

5-in-1 Microdermabrasion Video 


Blinc Resources:

Blinc Cosmetic Training Manual 


Grande Naturals Resources:

Grande Naturals - Sales Training Manual 


Swiss Med Resources:

Advanced Cosmeceuticals - Swiss Med New Formulations 2012 


OPI Resources:

Spa Complete One-Step Cleaner & Disinfectant - Product Guide


CND and Shellac Resources:

Why Use The CND UV Lamp?

CND Shellac Layering Sheet 5

The Look - Fall/Winter 2012 VIDEO - for Windows

CND Shellac Nail Art VIDEO - for Windows

CND Shellac Nail Art Video - QuickTime for Mac

CND Sugar and Spice Fall Manicure - Step by Step 

CND Additives Step by Step - Cobalt Glass

CND Additives Step by Step - Cosmic Grid

CND Additives Step by Step - Gilded Halo

CND Additives Step by Step - Groovy 

CND Additives Step by Step - Python 

CND Additives Step by Step - Tiara 

CND Shellac Layering Sheet 

CND Shellac Step by Step - Twinkle Toes

CND SpaPedicure Step by Step - Fire and Ice Pedicure 


Naturmed Resources

Naturmed Facial Treatments Procedure Overview 

Natumed Homecare Maintenance Chart 

Naturmed Yeast Treatment Step by Step Chart


Safety of Skincare Products During Pregnancy

Safety of skin care products during pregnancy



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