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Please find our latest training resources here. Click on the files below to download: 


Diego Dalla Palma Facial Treatment Videos:


HYDRATING Treatment 

LIFTING Treatment 

CLEANSING Treatment 

SUBLIME Treatment 

SOOTHING Treatment 

THE MAN Treatment 

YOUTH VENOM Treatment 


ICON TIME Treatment 


Diego Dalla Palma & RVB SKINLAB Social Media Images:


5-in-1 Microdermabrasion Training Video:

5-in-1 Microdermabrasion Video 


Blinc Resources:

Blinc Cosmetic Training Manual 


Grande Naturals Resources:

Grande Naturals - Sales Training Manual 


Swiss Med Resources:

Advanced Cosmeceuticals - Swiss Med New Formulations 2012 


OPI Resources:

Spa Complete One-Step Cleaner & Disinfectant - Product Guide


CND and Shellac Resources:

Why Use The CND UV Lamp?

CND Shellac Layering Sheet 5

The Look - Fall/Winter 2012 VIDEO - for Windows

CND Shellac Nail Art VIDEO - for Windows

CND Shellac Nail Art Video - QuickTime for Mac

CND Sugar and Spice Fall Manicure - Step by Step 

CND Additives Step by Step - Cobalt Glass

CND Additives Step by Step - Cosmic Grid

CND Additives Step by Step - Gilded Halo

CND Additives Step by Step - Groovy 

CND Additives Step by Step - Python 

CND Additives Step by Step - Tiara 

CND Shellac Layering Sheet 

CND Shellac Step by Step - Twinkle Toes

CND SpaPedicure Step by Step - Fire and Ice Pedicure 


Naturmed Resources

Naturmed Facial Treatments Procedure Overview 

Natumed Homecare Maintenance Chart 

Naturmed Yeast Treatment Step by Step Chart



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