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RESURFACE – The New Era of Skin Renewal Treatments

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019 — 0 Comments

CHEMICAL PEELS are the professional treatment to act against the most visible skin blemishes, using acids to remove the top layer of the skin through exfoliation, for quick and targeted skin renewal. However,the more intense and deeper the chemical peel’s action is – the higher the risk of compromising the skin barrier, leading to inflammaging and damage. Harsh peels lead to excessive dryness and flaking, increased damage, redness, irritation, a strong feeling of discomfort.

RESURFACE from Diego Dalla Palma Professional is the new way to peel with calibrated and precise formulas.  A successful professionalskin care treatment that guarantees highly visible and certified results of regeneration of the skin, with no unpleasant side effects or marked inflammatory processes.

Using a blend of acids + and carefully selected concentrated active ingredients,with REVIVYL. Visibly reduces WRINKLES, ACNE SCARS, IMPERFECTIONS and UNEVEN COMPLEXION, while respecting the skin’s delicate balance.  


RESURFACE proposes 3 professional treatments with incremental intensity, to specifically address different types of skin blemishes:

RESURFACE2 Fresh UP: initial treatment consisting of two sessions for clients experiencing loss of radiance and an uneven complexion. It prepares the skin for subsequent and specific exfoliating treatments.

RESURFACE2 proAGE: a specific treatment designed to combat wrinkles and visible signs of aging.

RESURFACE2 skinREFINE: targeted treatment specifically designed to combat skin discolouration, the after-effects of juvenile acne, acne scars and uneven skin texture.


The strength of our treatment lies in the latest generation of active ingredients. These  cosmeceuticals work synergistically to achieve safe and effective results. Including Retinol, epidermal growth factor, azelaic acid, revivyl and more.

To learn more about these antiaging and skin renewing active ingredients, please contact a sales rep to register for our next Resurface seminar!

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