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Facial Treatments for Acne

Written by Intercosmetics
Friday, June 26, 2015 — 0 Comments

Facial treatments are big business, and there are facial types that work wonders for any typeof skin - sensitive, dry, oily, or acne-prone skin, making your clients look and feel great. 

One of the most sought-after specialty facial treatments is the acne facial treatment. For those clients suffering from acne, a facial treament can help to purify, cleanse and deeply clean the skin, ridding it of impurities and blemishes associated with acne. 




At Intercosmetics, we offer a few different options for acne facials:


RVB SKINLAB Purifying Treatment:

This purifying treatment from RVB SKINLAB is the solution to rebalance skin by removing excell oil and relieving the irritations associated with acne-prone skin.Revitalization and reharmonization of the skin's ecosystem: the beauty treatment that removes excess oil and reduces visibility of dilated pores and imperfections for a perfect skin and a homogeneous complexion. Enhanced with Bakuchiol ACN.


Naturmed Glycolic Treatment:

This powerful yet gentle Glycolic Treatment provides a controlled exfoliating action to stimulate epidermal growth, gently lifting off dead skin cells to safely uncover healthier, younger looking skin.  The results are improvement of superficial lines, smoother skin texture, even colouring, reduction of excess sebum and minimizing enlarged pores


Swiss Med Alpha Beta Peel:

Swiss Med’s Alpha Beta Peel is a revolutionary new skin peel containing the latest generation of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids to dramatically improve skin textures. Unlike other peels, it won’t leave skin dry, flaky and dehydrated. Instead, skin is refreshed and polished as the dull, dead skin cells are gently removed.  Swiss Med grants a safe, controlled and yet highly effective skin resurfacing action – all without the irritation or burning sensations that come from most peels on the market today.



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