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Taking Care of Your Makeup Brushes

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Sunday, May 24, 2015 — 0 Comments

Makeup brushes are essential tools in the realm of beauty. Provide them the right love to help them extend their lives while keeping them in good shape. Taking care of your brushes properly is also important in ensuring that your tools are clean and won't transfer bacteria to the face. 

Here are some tips for properly cleaning and taking care of your makeup brushes:
Washing Hair Brushes
Natural bristles, made from animal hair, are most often used for powder products because the natural bristles can pick up and blend the powders easily. For professional use, cleanse your brushes after each application. For personal use, these brushes have to be cleaned once or twice a month with a moisturizing facial cleanser or a mild shampoo.
Rinse the brushes in water and swirl the brush head into the cleanser. Massage the hair slowly and rinse it thoroughly. Ensure that the handle doesn’t get too wet so the bristles remain intact.
Washing Synthetic Brushes
Synthetic brushes are best for cream and liquid makeup products, because they can smoothly blend the liquid and cream consistency. For professional use, these makeup brushes must be washed after each application. For personal use, they also have to be cleaned frequently, at least once a week especially if frequently used. 
Proper Drying of Brushes
All brushes have to be dried properly so they will keep their shape and efficiency.
 Lay the makeup brushes flat on a towel to dry them. It takes a few hours for them to completely dry. Don’t blow-dry them as this can damage the bristles. Let them air dry and keep them away direct sunlight. Reshape them while they are wet so they retain their original shape. Brushes usually dry in the shape that they are left wet.
RVBLAB THE MAKEUP offers exceptional hand-made brushes, made in Italy. They are created according to the expertise of the Diego Dalla Palma makeup artists, so these brushes offer professional results for every one. The high-quality makeup brushes will last a lifetime if you take proper care of them.
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