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Makeup Cleaning Tips

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015 — 0 Comments


Putting on makeup can be fun. It’s an easy way to instantly change your look and feel pretty any time of the day. However, makeup can get contaminated and dirty. Germs can last on these items for days. This can lead to pimples and breakouts on the face.
Truth be told, cleaning your makeup is the last thing on your mind. If you share your makeup with other people, it is even more important to de-germ makeup regularly.

Deep clean your brushes. Carefully clean your brushes to keep them clean and in good shape. When doing so, avoid wetting the handle that connects the bristles to keep the glue intact. You can use a gentle facial cleanser to clean them up. If you use your brushes daily, it’s ideal to deep clean them once a week or in every two weeks. 

Change your mascara monthly. Mascara is one of those makeup items that are used on a daily basis. It can be the fastest tool in spreading eye infection. It also gets dried up fast if you pump it out frequently. You can use disposable applicators if you’re sharing it with a friend. If you do get sick or get an eye infection, change your mascara right after.

Clean your lipstick. Cleaning lipsticks is easy. Just grab a tissue or Q-tip and wipe off the exposed top layer of the lipstick. Then, pour alcohol or vodka into a dish and dip the exposed part of the lipstick for 30 seconds. Dab the alcohol off and allow it to dry. This won’t damage the lipstick but will keep it in a good shape.

Disinfect powder makeup. Powder makeup, like blushes, bronzers, foundation, and eye shadow can be easily cleaned. Scrape off the top part of the pan with a butter knife or tissue. Be careful not to break the whole pan. Then, spritz it with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. This kills the germs that may reside in your powder makeups.

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