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Gel Manicure Facts You Should Know

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Monday, March 9, 2015 — 0 Comments

Getting your nails done every once in a while can be fun, especially with all the possible color combinations and choices. However, chipping nails tend to be frustrating. This is the reason why gel manicure is becoming an instant hit in the beauty department.

Gel manicure is quick, glossy and long-lasting.  You can wear them for more than a month and not get any chips. Even Hollywood stars are already hooked to this manicure formula. However, there are certain things that you need to know before booking that schedule with your nail technician.

Choose a gel that works for you. There are two forms of gel nail polish. One is a soak-off while the other is a file-off. The removal process is different, but both have the same appearance. If you will have your nail polish professionally removed, this won’t be a problem. If you plan to remove your polish at home, soak-offs tend to be easier.

Never pick your polish. Once the color starts to lift, it might be tempting pick, bite, and remove it. It’s not just disgusting but can harm your natural nails. When you peel the polish, water can seep to the nail and harbor bacteria. This might also take off some layers of your nail. So, restrain yourself from biting your polish and book that polish removal appointment pronto.

Give your nails a break. Don’t wear gel manicure back-to-back. Allow your nails to breathe and repair themselves for a few days. Gel nail polish can sometimes cause brittle nails. The process can lead to thinning and dehydration to the nails. This time-off allows your nails to regain strength and heal.

Rehydrate your nails. In between nail salon visits, do your best to rehydrate your nails with thick balm. This should be done after a soak or filing. Moisturizers can repair and rehydrate the cuticle, nails, ad skin. After this hydration treatment, your nails will look healthier and will be ready for another coat of polish.


The industry's top brands for Gel and soak-off Gel manicures are CND Shellac, OPI Gel Colour and CND Brisa and Brisa Lite. Contact a sales rep to find out how you can learn more about these products and offering these in-demand services to your clients. 

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