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Tips in Having a Tan sans the Burns

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Monday, July 14, 2014 — 0 Comments

 It is undeniable that a tanned complexion makes you feel great. Unsightly cellulite can even be hidden with a good tan, and it also helps you have a thinner figure. But before you go all out on the tanning process, it is vital to establish your skin’s base tan.

For those who choose to go on tanning indoors, listed below are indoor tanning tips that help you get that great base tan sans getting the burns. However, if indoor tanning is not your forte, you can achieve a tan by safely using UV-free tanning sprays. Please do read the instructions before you start using the spray.

The steps are as follows:

1. Certain medications, when taken before the tanning session, can cause side effects, both from the drug and tanning substance. These medications include antibiotics, skin medications, and blood pressure drugs. There is a photosensitizing medication chart per tanning salon, and refer to this chart to make sure your meds will not interfere during the tanning process. If you take them before your session, your skin will be prone to burning.

2. Apply a decent amount of a quality tanning lotion. It aids the skin in absorbing the UV rays, helping your skin to get that nice tan. Tyrosine, a special ingredient that helps in stimulating the production of melanin, can be found on these lotions. The moisturizing effect in the lotion will also prevent the drying out of your skin, which will help keep your tan on for a longer time. Hence, for a longer lasting tanning color, use and apply a high quality tanning lotion. Apply it immediately before you start your session.

3. After your session, keep your skin moisturized always with the lotion. Apply a sufficient amount of lotion twice a day, one in the morning and another before bedtime. This enhances your tan, as well as keeps your skin healthy.

4. If you just starting to tan, it is advised to start out in conservative doses. It is very important that you do not burn. You cannot achieve a tan on top of burns; you will then need to start all over again. If your skin gets burns, chances are that it will peel. So you have to start on a lower minutes, and as you build your tan, work your minutes up. The first level tanning bed starts at 20 minutes, but if you are fair and it’s your first time, do not go above 7 minutes.

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