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Top 12 Client Promotions to Grow Your Business

Written by Intercosmetics
Friday, November 2, 2012 — 0 Comments

 There’s no need to resort to email based daily deal coupons. These programs just suck your profit, and only bring you disloyal customers looking for the next deal. Instead, grow your business by offering your own promotions and deals, whether it’s through emails to your client-base, or just an old-fashioned sign at reception. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Offer free nail art on one finger or toe with a specialty manicure or pedicure service.

2. Encourage clients to try your deluxe facials by presenting discounts on packaged deals of multiple treatments – a facial “series” or “program”

3. Incorporate new services at an introductory low price on days when your spa isn’t busy.

4. Add on a 10 minute hand massage with any spa manicure

5. Offer a free polish change with any gift certificate purchased for $25 or more

6. Give a paraffin treatment to any client who brings you three new customers

7. Gift a miniature bottle of cuticle oil to clients who submit their email address. Think of all the newsletter and promotional opportunities once you have a solid database!

8. Reward your dedicated natural nail clients with a onetime upgrade to Shellac and allow your clients a chance to fall in love with it.

9. Give away a foot file to clients who post pictures of their nails on your Facebook page or Tweet about their service at your salon.

10. Create a frequent shopper program where clients are rewarded “spa bucks” redeemable for retail products, with every service they purchase.

11. Create reference card coupons for your customers to give to their friends. Write your customer’s name on the card, and for every coupon she refers, give her free “spa bucks” towards any service at your spa.

12. Offer a free makeup touch up to clients after a deluxe treatment. You’ll be surprised by the retail response!

Giftable Minis - a great spa promotion idea


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