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Beyond Organic – What to look for in a truly “Green” skin care line

Written by Amalia
Friday, June 22, 2012 — 0 Comments

RVB's Holistic Beauty - organic and natural skin care 

As the green movement has gained popularity, the terms behind it seem to have become little more than marketing buzzwords. How can the truly environmentally-concerned spa owner tell what is an authentically eco-friendly line?

No Heavy Metals

Environmental advocacy groups are now lobbying Health Canada to impose stricter regulations on heavy metals in cosmetics. Unfortunately, many cosmetics contain trace amounts of toxic heavy metals such as lead or mercury. Look for cosmetic lines that take extra care to ensure that the heavy metal content is low. For example, RVB cosmetics has developed a revolutionary heavy metal test that ensures heavy metal levels are below 0.0001 ppm – making it safe for the most sensitive skins and our water systems.

No Siloxanes

Siloxanes are some of the chemicals responsible for making our beauty products lather and foam, but they have been shown to contaminate our water sources and disrupt the delicate ecological balance. Avoid any products that use siloxanes for a truly eco-friendly line.

Sustainably-Sourced Products

To cite an ingredient as organic is often all consumers worry about, but even organic farming can have a devastating environmental effect if it is not done sustainably. Sustainable farming means that the product has been farmed in a way that respects the ecosystem around it and ensures that it will continue to grow in coming seasons.

Recyclable Packaging

What happens when you’ve finished the product? Is the jar going to end up in a landfill or can it be recycled? And if the packaging is plastic, is it food-grade plastic or will toxins seep into the environment?

Renewable Energy Manufacturing

Again, aside from organic ingredients, another important feature to investigate is the energy used for manufacturing. Does the manufacturer use solar energy, wind energy or some other renewable, green energy source?

Looking for a truly eco-friendly line that goes beyond organic may seem like a daunting task, but there are some authentic lines available on the market. RVB’s Holistic Beauty, for example, is an eco-conscious line that incorporates all of the above traits. For more information on RVB’s green practices, or the RVB heavy metal test, contact exclusive Canadian distributors Intercosmetics at 1-800-263-4333.   

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