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Achieving a Healthier Skin with Natural Makeup

Written by Intercosmetics Thursday, August 7, 2014

 Looking glamorously beautiful at all times can be achieved by simply using a line of natural makeup. There are several natural makeup products that will surely make you stand out from everyone. from a shining lipstick to fabulous foundation. The moments which ladies destroy their skin with questionable preservatives and chemicals added in their makeup are over. However, it is not always easy to find for the nontoxic and safe versions  of your makeup, but searching for the right products will eventually save you from potential health risks.

Natural makeup offers a lot of benefits for you to achieve a younger and healthier skin, that is why it is highly recommended to everyone, whether you're just a first- starter or an experienced makeup artist. But be careful in choosing the right natural makeup because there are some who put false information on their labels.

 Phthalates,  parabens, and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) are just some of the ingredients that might be included in your makeup so you better avoid that particular makeup brand as soon as possible. Always make sure that...

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Two Methods To Effectively Get Rid of Acne Problems

Written by Intercosmetics Wednesday, July 23, 2014

 Acne facials can mean as treatments done to get rid of facial acne problems. This treatment is divided into two methods of facials. One is seeking help from a professional or doing the treatment all by yourself at home.

Seek Help from the Experts

The first one is to consult professionals in dealing your acne problems. In professional acne facial, clients commonly consult to aesthetician who are the ones to perform acne extraction. Acne extraction is the process of manually removing pore blockages on every area of your face. The purpose of this procedure is to allow pores to be cleared from excess oil as well as cellular debris. Before the procedure will be done, the face must be cleaned throughly which is also done by the aesthetician. This particular step of the process is highly essential and must be done appropriately since the rest of the process will go to waste if the skin is not cleaned which will result of debris filling up the pores. The rest of the process includes facial massage, steam baths or masks. There are products to be applied that will promote hydration, removal of dead skin...

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Tips in Having a Tan sans the Burns

Written by Intercosmetics Monday, July 14, 2014

 It is undeniable that a tanned complexion makes you feel great. Unsightly cellulite can even be hidden with a good tan, and it also helps you have a thinner figure. But before you go all out on the tanning process, it is vital to establish your skin’s base tan.

For those who choose to go on tanning indoors, listed below are indoor tanning tips that help you get that great base tan sans getting the burns. However, if indoor tanning is not your forte, you can achieve a tan by safely using UV-free tanning sprays. Please do read the instructions before you start using the spray.

The steps are as follows:

1. Certain medications, when taken before the tanning session, can cause side effects, both from the drug and tanning substance. These medications include antibiotics, skin medications, and blood pressure drugs. There is a photosensitizing medication chart per tanning salon, and refer to this chart to make sure your meds will not interfere during the tanning process. If you take them before your session, your skin will be prone to burning.

2. Apply a decent amount of a...

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Facial Care: Enhance the Beauty and Make It Last Longer

Written by Intercosmetics Monday, June 16, 2014

Beauty is unique among girls. Basically, its physical aspect or what we commonly call as outer beauty is reflected on the face, the skin, the hair and the body. Even though personality outshines the outer beauty, it is still significant that we take good care of the 

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The Ups and Downs of Body Waxing

Written by Intercosmetics Thursday, June 12, 2014

Many people are not pleased with their body hairs. It may appear sexy to some but for others, it is a drawback or something that is a reason for discouragement. For the latter, the removal of these hairs is a relief and an enhancement of beauty. That 

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