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Formulated with 100% Organic Ingredients enhanced with gastronomic textures and fragrance; smells good enough to eat! With 2 treatments:



Dandelion & orange blossom




Echinacea & black




Oxygen Flow from the Organic Nasturium Flower, rich in iron and Vitamin C,  provides energy delaying skin ageing. 

Fresh picked organic cold pressed Dandelion Flower juice rich in anti oxidants and vitamins to protect the skin from external attack and free radicals to delay the ageing process.

Organic Orange Blossom extract removes toxins for a detox action awakening the freshness and brightness of the skin.

Pure Echinacea Extract slows down skin’s aging process and fights inflammation that leads to aging, protects against pollution and repairs damage

Black Cumin (cold pressed from Nigella Sativa seeds from Sicily) nourishes the skin and protects it from free radicals, stress, pollution and ageing



Jelly Oxygenating Scrub 

Professional #PFC61005           150 ml tube                   
Homecare # PFC61001              75 ml tube                                         

Fresh scrub with environmentally friendly sugar crystals for an effective smoothing action plus multiple skin benefits – oxygenating, detoxifying, purifying, anti-aging, anti-free radical. Restores splendour and strength to the skin, for a glowing and smooth complexion. With a naturally relaxing and fresh aroma.

Nectar Serum – Revitalising Concentrate

Professional  #PFC61025            40 ml tube                  
Homecare #PFC61021               25 ml tube                              

Moisturises and illuminates the skin immediately for a younger and more vital appearance.  Apply a thin layer to the face and neck morning or night follow with the Soufflé Cream.

Nectar Serum – Anti-age Concentrate

Professional #PFC62025           40 ml tube                     
Homecare #PFC62021               25 ml tube                              
Nourishes and protects the skin, slowing down the first signs of ageing.The skin becomes stronger, more radiant, smoother and more nourished.

Soufflé Cream – 24 Hour Moisturising Cream

Homecare #PFC71001 - 50 ml jar                                            
Moisturises the skin restoring its comfort and softness, enhancing the skin’s youthful appearance, protecting it from external attack and ageing.
Ingredients: Moringa oil for an anti pollution action, Dandelion Flower juice, Organic Orange Blossom & Oxygen Flow to oxygenate, brighten and deeply moisturise the skin leaving it smoother & more vital.
*can be used as a finishing cream in the professional treatment

Soufflé Cream – 24 Hour Anti-Age Cream

Homecare #PFC71011 - 50 ml jar                                              
A beautiful melting texture nourishes the skin, making wrinkles and signs of ageing less visible. Skin feels smoother and nourished as firmness and elasticity are regained.
Ingredients: Pure Echinacea extract repairs damage caused by external agents and counteracts wrinkles and skin sagging. Black cumin oil nourishes and protects the skin from free radicals. Oxygen Flow to oxygenate, brighten and deeply moisturise the skin leaving it smoother & more vital.
*can be used as a finishing cream in the professional treatment











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