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NEW Professional Product! MASSAGE CREAM

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Friday, August 19, 2016 — 0 Comments

massage creamAction: Soft and silky, with the perfect slip for a prolonged facial massage without feeling greasy or heavy. It improves absorption of active ingredients thanks to Oxygen Flow, removes toxins and improves oxygen circulation. Ideal to comfort dry, wrinkled and devitalized skin.

Result: skin is immediately more luminous, extremely soft and elastic.
Actives: Oxygen Flow, Cell Detoxium, Vitamin PP, Shea Butter, Glycans

Ingredient Spotlight: Oxygen Flow
Improves the oxygen supply to the cells, protecting their regenerating power and increasing the cell’s resistance to stress and harmful external agents.

oxygen flow

Buy here: Massage Cream (cleansing) 150ml tube DDP Skinlab

When oxygen is lacking in the skin, it is not breathing well.  It is fatigued and less able to produce energy, to turnover or to combat external agents. It looks grey and weak, and more susceptible to wrinkles, stains, impurities.

Oxygen Flow is an extract of the nasturtium flower, a plant with therapeutic properties, used also in fortifying herbal teas, since it is rich in iron and vitamin C. 

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