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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 — 0 Comments

Stress, a hectic lifestyle and the passing of time all take a negative toll on the appearance of your eyes and eye contour. Since eyes are the most expressive part of your face, a tired and aged eye contour instantly ages the face.

RVB Skin LaB

Today’s cosmetics offer advanced solutions to combat aging and tiredness of the eye contour. Using a cosmeceutical skin care line packed with antiaging ingredients can make a big difference. RVB SKINLAB from Diego Dalla Palma professional is a line that offers 3 options for eye creams.  All 3 offer slightly different benefits – one is an eye cream for sensitive eyes, one is an eye cream for dark circles and bags, one is a strong antiaging eye cream.

Which Eye Cream is For You?

SOOTHING – Delicate eye contour cream

Delicate cream effectively contrasts the signs of fatigue and the passing time of the eye area.

For sensitive skin and delicate eyes.

ANTI AGE – Eye contour Cream

It smooths wrinkles around eyes, giving an immediate sensation of elasticity and firmness. To contrast the first signs of wrinkles.

V-LIFTING – Remodelling eye contour Cream

Treatment lifting effect, specifically designed to combat sagging skin around the eyes and redefine contours by lifting the eye. For mature skin, to contrast heaviness and drooping of skin with age.

Anti-stress eyes massage

Perform this quick and easy massage before applying eye cream to stimulate microcirculation, and drain toxins and liquids. In the inner corner of the eye area, under the area of the tear ducts, gently massage with circular motions. Then slide your finger along the side of the nose to nostrils. Helps to eliminate bags, puffiness and dark circles.

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