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Secrets in Maintaining Eyelash Extensions

Written by Intercosmetics
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 — 0 Comments
Not everyone is gifted with long and curled lashes. Some have straight and thin lashes which may need tons of mascara or fake lashes on a makeup day. Those who are too busy to put on a few coats of mascara every day may opt for eyelash extensions. These can provide you with the long, voluminous lashes you've been dreaming of! The Bold Lashes lash extensions at Intercosmetics are the ideal 
Although the extensions are heaven-sent answers, these also have a lifespan. There are secrets to making the lashes last longer while in between touch-ups.
Sleep on your back.  Lying down on your stomach with your face pushed against the pillows can cause lash fallout and weird kinks. Try sleeping on your back to keep them in place while you sleep.
Avoid waterproof. Although you can still have fun with your eye makeup, avoid using anything with waterproof formulas. These can be difficult to remove and tugging will decrease the lifespan of your eyelash extensions. Try using oil-free makeup and oil-free makeup removers to expand the life of your lashes. And forget mascara - with your new extensions, you won't need it!
Give them TLC. Be gentle when dealing with your eyes. Use mild soaps or oil-free makeup removers. You can also use a cleansing wipe in removing your eye makeup because this prevents weakening of the extensions. Avoid using cotton pads as the fibers might get stuck on the lashes.
Seal the lashes in place. Use an eyelash sealer every morning to keep the eyelash extensions in place. The sealer helps the extensions to adhere to your natural lashes longer. We love the lash sealer from Bold Lashes. 

Brush them out. Comb your lashes lightly without too much pressure. Use a spoolie brush to prevent crisscrossing lashes. Close your eyes and put the brush on top of the lashes. Roll them over and out to keep the lashes defined.

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