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Establishing an Effective Skin Care Routine

Written by Intercosmetics
Sunday, April 19, 2015 — 0 Comments

Creating an effective skin care regimen is a challenge for most people. Different skin types require different routines and steps. It also varies according to age.

You need to know which products works best for your skin type and skin problems. You also have to find out the correct order of using these products. Below are the ideal skin care routines for every skin type.


Dry Skin
This skin type can be flaky and rough. It is important to bring back moisture to the skin and this is the main goal of your skin care.
Start with your regimen with a mild cleanser. Remember to pick a cleanser that does not have fragrance or alcohol as this exacerbates dryness. Slather on a potent antioxidant serum after to nourish the skin. Follow it with a hydrating moisturizer to retain the skin’s moisture.

Normal Skin
People with normal skin are blessed with balanced and clear skin. Since there are no big skin issues to be addressed, maintaining good skin is the goal of the skin care routine.
A gentle cleanser is a good start to this routine. This keeps your face blemish-free. Use hydrating and boosting toners that don’t have alcohol. Use a lightweight moisturizer with ample of SPF. This nourishes the skin while protecting it from sun damage.

Oily Skin
People with oily skin have big pores and experience greasiness throughout the day. Oftentimes, this results to clogged pores. It is important to keep the oils at bay through your skin care routine.

Wash your face twice a day. Use an oil-free cleanser with warm water to remove excess oil in the skin. An alcohol-free toner prevents your face from becoming shiny while keeping it clean. Choose a non-greasy moisturizer to keep your face plump. Even if you are oily, you still need to moisturize to prevent your skin from overcompensating.

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