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The Importance of SPF knowledge

Written by Intercosmetics
Wednesday, January 28, 2015 — 0 Comments

Have you ever asked yourself for the meaning of SPF? Well, aside from the fact that it is the abbreviation for Sun Protection Factor, what else do you know about SPF? Generally speaking, SPF is a measurement of well can a sun screen protects you for the Ultraviolet Rays that basically comes from the heat of the sun.


Sun bathing is a good way to absorb Vitamin E in your body and at the same time get perfectly tanned but you should also take into consideration the negative effects of too much exposure to the sun like sunburns, skin problems and worse, skin cancers. That is why applying SPF to your skin before exposing yourself to the sun is very important practice to do every day.

SPF is readily available in the market in the means of lotions or cream. If you are wondering why there are so many SPF numbers such as 15, 30, 50, or even 100, these numbers will help you know what type of heat resistance your skin can absorb. Take for example the SPF 15. If you try to stay under the heat of the sun and after 10 minutes you already feel the burning sensation, then the SPF 15 is applicable to you that can protect you up to 150 minutes sun exposure.


Using SPF higher than 15, can still be recommended because it gives you higher level of protection. But if you apply 75 or 100 SPF, this might not be appropriate at all because it might not give you the protection you need unlike using up to SPF 30.

The best part of SPF application is that you are safe using the lotion because it has to pass FDA SPF testing to avoid irritation to your skins.

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