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10 Ways to Improve your Makeup Skills

Written by Intercosmetics
Friday, January 9, 2015 — 0 Comments

Women like you needs to know the tricks in order to improve your makeup skills. Who wouldn’t want to appear more beautiful in just an hour or less makeup session, right? So make sure to take note of these 20 simple ways to improve your makeup skills.

1.       Spoon Technique – It might sound funny but plastic spoon can assist you in applying your mascara. Place it under your eyelashes so that the mascara won’t get in your skin.

2.       Blushing Effect – blush can catch attention. Determine first your face shape so that it will be easier to determine the stroke in applying blush-on.

3.       Applying Concealer –the best way to cover that eye bags is to highlight the crease portion first then apply darker shade on the puffy area.

4.       Eye highlights – apply light colors first onto your inner corners followed by darker colors.

5.       Lipstick ready – before you apply lipstick, brush your lips using a baby toothbrush or you can exfoliate your lips using sugar and coconut oil.

6.       Bigger eye technique – a bigger eye is better so you can now make use of your white pencil.

7.       Tight lining application – apply eye liner in between your eyelashes.

8.       Heating the eye curler – blow heat using hair blower with your eye curler for 3-5 seconds and enjoy the lasting effect whole day.

9.       Neck matching strategy – do not use your cheek as your color basis instead use your neck to determine your body complexion to apply with your make up

10.   Lip enhancement – if you think your lips are cute, make it look like Angelina’s by extending the lining just outside your lips.

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