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Sublime by RVB SKINLAB

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The Instant Retouch Treatment

The path to perfect skin – wrinkles, pores, redness and blemishes are immediately less visible. The Sublime treatment improves complexion immediately; day after day the skin gets smoother and brighter, and pores are narrower and increasingly uniform. Discover a natural and true beauty!

For skins showing loss of tone, wrinkles, large pores, dull, uneven texture, blemishes, discolorations, irregularities and redness. Suitable for all skin types except for very dry, desquamated and sensitive skin. Suitable for men’s skin.

It’s the ideal treatment during the change of seasons, or as a follow-up treatment to the 3-Step Perfection Antioxidant treatment. It can be a stand-alone facial, or combined with another Diego Dalla Palma RVB SKINLAB facial for a skin-perfecting effect.

How does it work?
A multi-level perfecting action thanks to the LPA Perfection Complex - A complex made up Lysophosphatidic Acid, Vitamin PP & Lecithin.
•    On the surface:  reduces wrinkles, imperfections and shrinks pores, skin becomes smoother and immediately brighter and younger looking
•    In depth: restores the skin’s elasticity, reinforces the skin’s barrier functions preventing moisture loss
•    Stimulates the genes responsible for cellular regeneration, production of ceramides, collagen and elastin thereby strengthening the skin and reducing signs of skin ageing and wrinkles. 
•    Regulates the production and transfer of melanin, for a more uniform and vibrant complexion.
•    Refines and improves the skin texture and tone, for an increasingly perfect skin.

professional skin treatment results

Home Care:


Sublime 30 Day Strategy Kit

sublime 30 day strategy retail home care kit

Shock action for a “perfectly natural skin effect.” Spoil yourself with dream skin in just 30 days! 

Kit Contains:
Day Cream (30ml tube) – A soft, velvety cream to instantly minimize imperfections  thanks to its magical texture with “a retouching effect.”  A daily defense against the elements, UV rays and free radicals. Contains LPA Perfection Complex, 51 3 Hyalu Complex, Squalane, Sunscreens (UVA  & UVB)

Night Intensive Essence of Perfection (15 ml tube) – Contains the highest concentration of LPA Perfection Complex to improve quality of the skin at all levels. 

Night Cream (30 ml tube)  – Use nightly over the Essence of Perfection. Contains LPA Complex, Fruit Acids, 51 3 Hyalu Complex


24 Hour Perfection Cream

perfection retail homecare cream antiaging moisturizing

 A cream with a soft and seductive mousse texture that pampers the skin, giving it comfort and hydration.  With its “instant retouching effect” it covers flaws and evens out the complexion. The LPA Perfection and the 51 3 Hyalu Complex together gradually fill the micro wrinkles and erase fine lines. The skin recovers a smoother more radiant and youthful complexion.   May be used alone or over the usual cream (in case of extreme cold and dry weather) or alternating with it. (50 ml jar)


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