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The Benefits of Getting a Facial Massage

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Saturday, October 4, 2014 — 0 Comments

Stress causes a lot of different diseases. It can be anything from skin diseases, headaches, body pains, heart diseases and even depression. One way to manage stress is by getting a rejuvenating massage treatment. When performed correctly, there are many ways a massage can benefit the recipient. Specifically, facial massages benefit not just the skin but also the overall health.

1.    Facial massages stimulate blood circulation.

2.    They stimulate the sebaceous glands and prevent acne.

3.    They detoxify impurities by releasing toxins trapped between the facial muscles and tissues.

4.    Facial massages relax the nerves, increase lymphatic flow and ease tension in the muscles.

5.    They oxygenate skin tissues and helps in the extraction of impurities.

6.    They promote both psychological and physiological well-being.

How are facial massages done?

1.    Professional facial treatments should include a 10-minute facial massage after cleansing and before applying a mask.

2.    Cream should be applied to the face and neck using gentle upward strokes. This helps in the circulation. Once the motion of massaging begins, the therapist’s fingers should never leave the recipient’s face.

3.    A combination of compression techniques is applied to the face. It includes kneading, squeezing and pinching. It begins from the hairline, moving to the middle of the forehead and top of the bridge of the nose. It moves from one eyebrow to the temple then the other eyebrow and temple as well.

4.    Circular movements are then applied around the eyes, under the eyes, toward the nose, up the eyebrows and around the temples.

5.    Pressure is then applied to motor points under the brows.

6.    Vibration may be used sparingly.

7.    Circular motion is applied near the eyes again, all to the way to the bridge, temples and forehead.

8.    The cheeks and the jaw should be kneaded gently.

9.    Light pressure on the lymph nodes may also be applied.

10.  End the massage with light strokes and gentle pressure on the temples.

Facial treatments should be avoided on broken skin to avoid further irritation.  

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