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Should You Get Eyelash Extensions?

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Thursday, September 25, 2014 — 0 Comments

Eye lashes always enhance the beauty of a woman’s eyes by making it look more dramatic and beautiful. Unfortunately, not all women were born with long and beautiful lashes. Oftentimes, women resort to using a lash curler and mascara to achieve the dramatic effect that they want.

The use of lash extensions was introduced as a revolutionary treatment for the eyes. The treatment makes ordinary lashes appear thicker, longer and curlier but still natural-looking.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.    How long do lash extensions last?

·         Depending on the salon where you get your treatment done, the recommendation varies. Some professionals advise a touch-up every three weeks to replace the extensions that fall out, whether naturally due to eyelash growth or a weakened adhesive.

·         Extreme cold, humidity and other weather conditions also affect how long the lashes will last.

2.    What happens if I get teary-eyed during the application?

·         You should definitely tell the professional working on the procedure if you feel teary-eyed from a burning sensation. You are probably allergic to the glue and they should change it.

3.    Will I go blind?

·         No, your eyes are closed the whole time and a trained professional is working on your extensions. If you do feel uncomfortable, you can check with a doctor and they can prescribe eye drops to treat the irritation.

4.    Are there different types of lash extensions?

·         There are three different kinds of lash extensions in varying lengths of 6mm to 17mm. They are either synthetic, silk or mink. Your technician should know which length suits you best. There are different glue types depending on your sensitivity.

5.    How should I take care of lash extensions after they are done?

·         Don’t get your eyes wet for the next 24 hours – avoid crying, the sauna and the gym.

·         Avoid rubbing your eyes and resist the urge to pull at your lashes.

·         Don’t let oil-based products touch your extensions because they will weaken the adhesive. Tilt your head in the shower. Use oil-free makeup and makeup remover.

·         Take care of your natural eye lashes by using eyelash conditioners or a growth serum.

6.    How do I remove the extensions if I don’t want them anymore?

·         Never try to pull off the extensions on your own. Go back to the salon where you had them done and make the professional technicians remove them for you.

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