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Improving Your Well-Being with Hot Stone Massage Therapy

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Saturday, May 10, 2014 — 0 Comments

 You will notice that the hot stone massage therapist will position the flat, even and heated stones on certain body points. The heat coming from these stones infiltrates deep down the tissues and muscles and eliminates negative energy and reinstates the natural alignment of mind, body, and soul.

Description of the stones

The volcanic basalt stones are warmed to a temperature of fifty degrees Celsius or one hundred twenty to one hundred thirty degrees Fahrenheit in water. These heated stones are not rough and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And in order to prevent bacterial contamination, the stones are kept disinfected and sanitized.

Basalt stones are abundant with iron and have the ability to take in and preserve heat that helps in relieving tension and stress in the muscles as well as improve blood circulation.

Where are the heated stones positioned?

At first, the therapist will ask you to hold and feel the warmness of the stones before placing them to your body to ensure that they are not too warm. The center points aimed by the hot stone massage are situated in the hands, toes and at the back of the trunk. The therapist will massage the body with stones by way of applying the correct pressure. The momentary placement of hot rocks on the body areas eases the muscles.

Make sure that you don’t eat a lot before the scheduled time for this massage. Before the stone massage therapy starts, you will be asked to lie down on the bed, facing down. You must let the therapist know if you can’t tolerate the hotness of the rocks or the pressure applied to your body. This massage will only take an hour and thirty minutes.


1. Improves blood circulation, thus, increases healing process.

2. Promotes composure and calmness which lessen anxiety and depression.

3. Decreases strains and stress on the joints of hands, fingers, and thumbs.

4. You will sleep very well for a couple of days after obtaining the massage therapy.



At this present time, we tend to experience more and more stress and it is best that we obtain a hot stone massage therapy. All individuals can obtain hot stone massage, on the other hand, people who have skin diseases and those who just undergone a surgery are advised not to get this massage. In the meantime, pregnant women are advised to get the approval of their doctor before indulging themselves with the massage. For you to experience the pleasure and relaxation associated with this massage, be sure that you try it very soon!

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